What really motivates high performance?

In his eye-opening best seller ‘Drive – The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us‘, Daniel Pink draws on 40 years of science to offer some surprising answers. He shows the limits of carrots and sticks and explores the power of autonomy, mastery, and purpose to help us work smarter and live better. Watch this 10-minute […]

Winning more profitable print business

Being able to estimate more quickly and provide professional quotations automatically will directly improve bid success rates. Add to that being able to control costs better and also invoice quickly for prompt payment and you have three major levers to winning more profitable business. Continua have recently started to introduce Time Harvest to customers, which […]

Moving to Transactional Colour

Interquest research forecasts that full-colour transaction document volumes will grow in 2016. If you are considering making the move to transactional colour, click the link below to download a white paper that explores some challenges and higher level thinking about transactional colour and provides some useful tips for migration.

Tackling 3 Forces that kill positive Flow in your business

Teams that achieve flow dramatically out-perform teams that don’t. The benefits of flow reach into every corner of a company, touching sales, marketing, customer service and operations of every kind. After participating in thousands of intensive process improvement projects, outsourcing programs and systems re-engineering journeys, Xerox have distilled 3 forces they see that destroy flow […]

Chronic vs Sporadic Operational Losses

Chronic losses caused by a machine condition or deterioration are often not bad enough to stop a machine working and so operators tend to carry on. However, these conditions will often lead to an operator running a machine that is in this state, at a lower speed so that it does not ‘break down’.  This leads to continual under-performance a thus […]

XMPie Cross-Media Case Study

Using XMPie software, Latcham Direct is able to develop and manage complex cross-media campaigns through all stages and provide clients with demonstrable return on investment in real-time. Download the case study below to read how Latcham Direct worked with Time Magazines Europe’s to create an online subscription process using cross-media powered by XMPie solutions, rather than simply running a traditional direct mail-only […]

Used Digital Production Printers

Continua have a team of over 70 engineers working on the full range of Xerox new and used digital production printers with some of the best known and most respected print an finishing companies in the UK. Our engineers are fully aware of the requirements of a high performance production print operation and we strive […]

Growing a Production Print Business

We know that customers who are growing often generate a significant proportion of their revenue from value-added services. As part of a series of webinars on growing a production print business, we want to recommend an upcoming webinar, hosted by InfoTrends and Xerox, which will go into how companies offer and package these services, how […]

Measure Continuous Improvements with the OEE Measure

For many businesses, running a more efficient and effective operation via continuous improvement initiatives is fundamental to driving either extra capacity and/or cost out of the operation. The OEE measure is based on the premise that all production losses on machines and processes can be quantified and reduced. Download the white paper below from one […]

XMPie – 1:1 Marketing Platform

XMPie integrates the world of publishing and marketing, providing more value-added services to print providers and their customers, and better measurement and ROI reporting capabilities to marketing executives. The video below details the opportunity to develop more integrated and sophisticated marketing communications. If you are interested to discuss how XMPie could help you to develop […]